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And what an update!! Now you can see past episodes of RCWF and ACW!! How, you ask? Simple. Go to the corresponding league page, and scroll down to the very bottom. There you will see past episodes of RCWF Eclipse, ACW Excel and ACW Impulse. RCWF's past shows up to Ep 7 are up while all of ACW Excel and Impulse Season 1 are up. We are constantly updating so expect to see the defunct Turbo as well as episodes up to the most recent Excel and Impulse eps.

Also I am proud to announce that the ACA forums are back!! Click on the "Forums" link to go to our new forum.

That's it for now. Stay tuned to your fav site for more updates, including past PAWL and PRiDE AC shows in the future.

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Happy New Year Everyone!!

And to celebrate the new year, Eclipse 8 is up in the RCWF section. Go watch it!!

Category: RCWF Eclipse | Views: 23028 | Added by: K-Starr | Date: 12.31.2009 | Comments (53)

Welcome to another edition of RCWF News.

As the holidays approach, we here at RCWF wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy 2010. Our present to you will be the last episode of RCWF of 2009, Eclipse 8.

In other news, Akito Tenkawa's contract was almost terminated this past week after his "breaching" of the 24/7 Xtreme Title Clause in his contract, until it was revealed that he had lost that title weeks before. We're going to great lengths to find out who the title holder is now, because Akito has no discernable knowledge of the event. Apparently he was chloroformed so the unidentified challenger could easily pick up the win.

Also, before the long-awaited Vendetta in Vegas, RCWF will have one more event, dedicated to the victims/heroes of the Fort Hood Tragedy as well as the troops returning from duty or about to be deployed. RCWF makes a major detour from Las Vegas, NV to go to Fort Hood, TX to bring you RCWF Salute to the Soldiers. The official card w ... Read more »

Category: RCWF Eclipse | Views: 12536 | Added by: K-Starr | Date: 12.23.2009 | Comments (8)


Thanks to RCWF's official move to GCN, RCWF has added a new brand called Turmoil. To decide who stays on Eclipse and who goes to Turmoil, a Draft will be held on Eclipse 8 and 9 to determine who's staying and who's traded. Stay Tuned to RCWF for the epic happening!!!

Also, after Jamco's parting, it became very clear that Louden was more commited to the brand. As of right now Louden Styles, as well as being the color commentator for Eclipse, will now be RCWF Commissioner for both brands.

Speaking of Turmoil, RCWF is now searching for 2 commentators to commentate Turmoil. We're looking for a face commentator and a heel commentator for the show. If you're interested, co ... Read more »

Category: RCWF Eclipse | Views: 4346 | Added by: K-Starr | Date: 10.30.2009 | Comments (0)

Due to an Upload error. Eclipse 7 is temporarily down.

On a high note, RCWF's jump to Gamecube is finally happening. Check out our preview matches leading up to our first show with the GCN, Blitz 1, in the RCWF Section.

Category: RCWF Eclipse | Views: 1675 | Added by: K-Starr | Date: 10.17.2009 | Comments (0)

It's Finally Here! The Return of RCWF Eclipse!!! Episode 7 is up in its entirety!! Check it out in the RCWF Section!!!

Category: RCWF Eclipse | Views: 1752 | Added by: K-Starr | Date: 10.11.2009 | Comments (0)

Episode 6 has been added to the RCWF Section!!!

Category: RCWF Eclipse | Views: 1691 | Added by: K-Starr | Date: 10.11.2009 | Comments (0)

Episode 24 Now Up in the ACW Section!!
Category: ACW Impulse | Views: 1938 | Added by: K-Starr | Date: 10.11.2009 | Comments (3)

Episode 17 Now Available in the ACW Section!!!

Category: ACW Excel | Views: 1876 | Added by: K-Starr | Date: 09.21.2009 | Comments (3)

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